Job Cards have gone on the electronic highway

How many job cards of a single customer do you possess?
How many times have you taken down the same data over and over again?
How much time do you spend sifting through piles of such cards to know a single information?
  • Go paperless and save time, money, and space
  • Have customer history at your fingertips
  • Save your customers from the hassle of repeating details for the records
  • Send rough estimate to the customer prior to service
  • Allow customers to pick services from the services checklist and add to the current job card
  • Secure sensitive information

Keep your customers informed

Your customers have become more tech-savvy and are constantly on the look-out for a better service.
Be the one that provides it for them and do it all online!
  • Send reminders to your customers on when the next service is due
  • Assign jobs based on the history
  • Keep your customers updated on the status of service
  • Get approvals on price for parts and much more..

Know your customers

Be the town's trusted garage by developing a good relationship with your customers.
Your customers perceive you by how they think you value them.
  • Know what your customer needs from their vehicle history
  • Give them value- added services and other benefits
  • Show them how important they are to you.

Generate and follow-up on bills

Generate invoices for every job delivered right from your CRM. Add job card information to the repair bill by pulling information from CRM. It also helps you follow up on bill payments so you can easily keep track of your revenue realization.

Monitor Customer's vehicle with OBD

Track the distance covered by the customer's vehicle and send alerts
to the customer for servicing whenever a milestone is reached.
  • Send service alerts based on distance travelled by the vehicle
  • Alert the customer when any emergency fault or diagnostic alert is received from the vehicle
  • Show the customer your concern over the vehicles condition / health